Learn and Have Fun Doing it!

By January 30, 2019 No Comments

All of us ‘learning and development folk’ have come across learning styles before. In fact, we probably now live and breathe them without even realising it! For me though, many of the training sessions and workshops I have attended have had something missing…FUN!

From a really young age, we start learning stuff every minute of the day. We start to make sense of the world we are in through the wealth of different situations we experience. How much we observe and take in has a huge impact on how much and how fast we learn things. Children learn more when they are having fun and are actively engaged in things. Playtime is really important for learning. It’s where magic happens.

Be it trying to navigate a toy train around the cat without it noticing, making shapes out of playdough, or getting the Scalextric track to do a triple loop (I could never work that one out!)…we learn…and we do it best when we are relaxed, engaged in what we are doing and having fun!

So why is it that when we go into the wonderful world of work we end up putting ourselves through often dull and bland ‘corporate’ type training?…we spend all of our time focusing on the model after model and so many theories that we don’t know our Maslow from our Hertzberg!… Sure, the stats and the research are important, but I don’t think they should detract from us having fun and learning more on workplace training…bring out the inner child!

You can expect to have fun on an ‘INSPIRE-IGNITE’ training programme…it’s what we do…you won’t find much ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘thinking outside the box’ type stuff…just things that you can enjoy learning, and therefore take back to your workplace and apply in reality!

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