Mind Your Language!

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The importance of your language in developing a positive mindset and being more resilient…

I’ve been working with a good few people of late who have been keen to build a more positive mindset.
The words that you use and the self-talk that you tell yourself can have a huge impact on your mindset. It can make the difference as to whether you go home at the end of a busy day smiling…or frowning!

Having a positive mindset isn’t just about walking around all day saying “OMG, everything is awesome”, “the world is amazing” or “everything is perfect”, because sometimes it’s just not like that.

When you say things like:

  • “I’m bored”
  • “I can’t be bothered”
  • “I’m tired”

Guess what, those wonderful brains of ours have a process that enhances and fulfills that to make you feel even worse and fulfill that thought.

It’s easy to focus on negative emotions and we can always find reasons not to do things. If you were ‘tired’, but I offered you £300 to leap out of your chair, run around the block and do 20-star jumps, I bet you’d miraculously find some energy!

Rather than saying “I’m tired”, reframe it to be a bit more positive and action focused: “I could do with more energy” might be a better choice of language.

In effect, you’re making a request to your brain for more energy. Your intellect kicks in and tells you “I know how to do more energy”. The brain releases chemicals, changes your breathing, your posture and your magic mindset, all because your brain will have given you more energy.

Just think about the impact that mindset could have on others around you, your ability to lead, influence and engage.

Instead of “I’m bored”, how about “this could be more interesting”. You’ll be amazed at how interesting you’ll start to make it!

Spend some time tuning in to the language that you use and write down some of the phrases that come out of your mouth, then spend a bit of time thinking about how you could shift that language to grow a more positive mindset.

What questions are you asking yourself?

What behaviour and mindset are you building or validating by the language that you use?

Take some time to reflect…

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