8 Common Questions About Life Coaching

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I’ve been coaching people for about 15 years throughout my career in learning and development and I’m now in my third year as a dedicated life coach covering Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

I work with individuals on a one to one basis to help them to grow, develop and find some of the deep-rooted potential that we all have within us!

The power of coaching still amazes me everyday. When you see the impact that taking the smallest steps can have on people – it’s a real inspiration.

Coaching isn’t about using strange subliminal techniques and a good coach wont promise you an overnight six-figure income from working 2 hours a day from a beach in the Med… I’d be doing it myself if it was that easy wouldn’t I?!

All good coaches are positive and will have the confidence that you have all the answers that you need within you – they are there to help you to discover them. Because you really do.

I won’t promise you something that I can’t help you to deliver. I help you to find your own reality. If you’ve got a huge mortgage and 2 children, I won’t be the one telling you to give up work and start a business doing something off-the-wall like selling painted coconuts!

Instead of expecting you to give up stability and all things that are comfortable, A good coach will work with you to make changes that’ll put you back in charge of your life. It’s about stretching your comfort zone to reap rewards, not scaring you senseless!

Who needs a life coach?

Coaching isn’t just for the rich and famous or sports stars. It’s for anyone who understands that they have the potential to grow, develop and realise that the goals they have wanted to achieve for a while are closer to reach than they think.

What is life coaching all about?

Life coaches provide you with the opportunity to assess where you currently are in your life, the areas that you’re happy with and those you’d like to enhance. A life coach will support you in creating and working through goals that will help you to achieve success.

Is coaching the same as counselling or seeing a therapist?

No. Coaching is 100% about the future. It’s not about spending lots of time looking back, but about setting clear goals to take forward. Coaching helps you to prioritise what will have the biggest, most positive impact on your life and building a step by step plan to get there.

What can a life coach help with?

As a life coach, I work with individuals in areas including; career development, confidence building, enhancing resilience, managing stress, building energy and motivation, increasing personal impact and leadership skills development. Coaching can support growth in a huge range of areas…the list is endless.

How does life coaching work?

After spending some time getting to know you as an individual and talking logistics. The first thing a good coach will do is get you to identify the goals that you want to achieve.

You might already have an idea of what these are, or you might want to kick off the coaching discussions with some open dialogue about what you’re experiencing at the moment, what’s great and what your challenges are.

Coaching will help you to identify the areas that will have the biggest impact and success.

Once you have your goals, your coach will help you to explore your starting point. Expect questions like; “why is this so important?” “How far away from your goal are you?” and “how realistic is it?”. It’s about building your awareness of the current situation before you start to look at different options to move forward.

Sometimes we naturally go straight into ‘solution’ mode. There are real benefits in exploring a variety and mix of options that you have to move forward. You can explore the advantages and disadvantages of each and then choose the ones that will have the biggest impact.

After all of that great discussion, you should have something to commit to, focus on and take forward.

How long does coaching take?

As a guide, I work on the framework that 2 x sessions get a course of action going, 4 x sessions start to see and feel progress and 6 x sessions embed new approaches and see a difference. Most coaches also offer one off coaching sessions for you to either try it out or top up when you need it.

Over the course of your coaching relationship, expect goals to be tweaked as your awareness grows, and you experience new approaches, feelings and emotions – your coach is there to support you through those changes.

Of course, you’ll only see results if your committed to the coaching process and work on your goals in your day to day life.

How much will a life coach cost?

Different coaches offer different packages and options like Skype or telephone coaching which all attract slightly different rates. Good coaches will offer you an introductory phone /Skype call or meet you for a coffee to explore how they can work with you before you commit.

This is also your chance to make sure that you feel comfortable and will be able to build a relationship with them. Ask about their background, experience and their coaching style.

Based on my research, you can expect to pay between £80 – £160 per face to face session if you are looking for a good life coach. In the business world you can often look at doubling, sometimes trebling those amounts.

You can find coaches for less, and much more. In my advice, don’t pay £40 for a session if you don’t feel that the coach is right for you. There are others out there. That said, if they offer just what you need, and you feel like they are the person that truly feels right to support your journey – why pay £160?!

Is life coaching worth it?

Think about what you’d pay for someone to do some odd-jobs around the house…you probably wouldn’t think twice about paying £80-£160 for that? Think about the changes that a coach could bring to your life…I reckon you’d see a pretty high return on your investment if you put a value on it!

I recently had a sporadic 15-minute coaching conversation with someone who wanted to build their confidence, they hated speaking up in meetings and they felt it was holding them back.

They had proactively got involved in a discussion as part of a team meeting within an hour of our conversation and it made them feel great! (I even got a high five the next time I saw them!) They wanted to do even more after that. That was 15 minutes, imagine what could happen in 60-90 minutes!

Coaching ignites a fire within people that genuinely makes a difference!

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