What Does an Awesome Leader Do?

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Over my career to date, I have been lucky enough to work with some great organisations, great people and great leaders. All of them really passionate about developing awesome leaders. It seems to be a common mindset that leaders make the difference in any organisation…would you agree?

In my learning, training and talent roles I have often been asked ‘how?’. How do we develop awesome leaders? How do we focus on developing the ‘right’ skills? How do we come up with a clear expectation of ‘what awesome actually look like?’.

My response has always been that truly awesome leaders have great self-awareness above all else. They know their strengths and also understand where their personal potential can be found…Until we can have real clarity on those things, it’s tough to develop ‘skills’ like influencing, impact and coaching…

A great leader doesn’t just use a ‘one size for all’ approach…that’s usually where we go wrong – we ask for consistency and to treat everyone in the same way.
To be awesome, a leader needs to understand themselves, their style natural style of leadership and how they are perceived by others. Each individual and team member has their own style too – some similar, and some very different to that of their leader…Only by flexing and adapting, responding and connecting to our team members can we get the best from them, maximise engagement and drive the achievement of results!

As a consultant, coach and developer of awesome teams at ‘INSPIRE-IGNITE’, I use Clarity4D as a tool of choice to help leaders and teams develop their self-awareness and also support the development of strong, effective, engaged and generally awesome teams. It introduces the concept of  ‘colour’ to create and build a common language across teams and organisations.

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