Personal Impact Coaching

Coaching isn’t just for the rich and famous! It’s for anyone who understands that they have the potential to grow and develop, and that the goals they want to achieve are closer than they think.

Free Consultation

What is personal impact coaching?

Coaching with Shaun is about improvement, empowerment & action. He’ll start by helping you to understand your current reality, what's working well for you and identifying your challenges.
We'll set some stretching, but achievable goals, identify your choices and ignite action towards achievement!

Coaching Plans

3 Session - GROWTH Package

£ 820

per package
  • Free Inspiration Call to identify your reality
  • Clarity4D Personal Profile
  • Text/Whatsapp support
  • Email support between sessions
  • Skype/Zoom/Face to Face within 20 miles of Peterborough

5 Session - ACTION PackageMost Popular

£ 1275

per package
  • Free Inspiration Call
  • Clarity4D Personal Profile
  • Clarity2D Feedback Profile
  • Text/Whatsapp/Email support
  • Skype/Zoom/Face to Face

10 Session - IGNITION Package

£ 2400

per package
  • Free Inspiration Call
  • Clarity4D Personal & 2D Feedback Profiles
  • Text/Whatsapp/Email support
  • ‘Spidergap’ Leadership 360 Feedback
  • Skype/Zoom/Face to Face

Inspiration session

Shaun’s one-off inspiration sessions are great for people who want to explore their strengths, challenges and opportunities and get clear on their goals and outcomes in a one off coaching taster session. At £225, an inspiration session can really help people who find themselves ‘stuck’ before taking that next step.

Explore reality

A one time session designed to help you explore your strengths, opportunities and where you want to get to.

Get focused

Explore potential goals & see the future with a clear, focused mind.

Make a Difference.

Get on track with encouragement, high energy and motivation from Shaun .