GAME CHANGER – ‘Cards To Get Thinking, Get Talking And Succeed…THE FULL SET’!


Cards for Leadership Success

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This package contains the full set of GAME CHANGER cards. They are a workplace management tool to help you, and your team to get thinking, get talking and succeed!

Packed full of useful hints, tips and ideas, these cards are easily accessible and simple to follow. Grab them off the shelf and use them as prompts for assessing where you are, where you’d like to be and how you’ll get there, in any given situation.

Designed for businesses of all types and sizes, they can help you to recruit and lead with success, coach and communicate with your team, and make you company a great place to work.

Change the game! Get the best out of your people and achieve business success.

There are 6 sets of GAME CHANGER Cards in this pack – ‘Cards for leadership success’, ‘cards for business success’, ‘cards for great communication’, ‘cards to recruit with success’, ‘cards for leadership coaching’ and ‘cards for career and personal success’.

You can also purchase each sets individually through our other listings

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